A clearer positioning

The firm knew they weren't connecting with their distribution partners. But they weren’t sure why. 

Our discovery pinpointed the issue: a disconnect between what the firm believed its value was and what clients actually valued about the firm. So we added a brand positioning component to our consulting services. Supported by our market research, we produced a clear, market-tested brand message that resonates with the firm’s key markets.


Fact finding

To get at the firm's real value to professional investors, we conducted quantitative research with RIAs, platform gatekeepers, and institutions.

Reality testing

A follow-up round of qualitative research gave us critical market feedback on the new brand position and on new creative concepts.

Reaching consensus

We worked closely with senior management to produce a clear and relevant brand position, based on brand attributes most valued by its customers.

Going live

We're helping bring the new brand position to life, creating thought leadership and educational animated videos.