Great scripts for storytellers 

This trillion-dollar asset manager didn't have consistent, compelling pitches on its top 25 mutual funds. Their instinct was to get the story from its portfolio managers. We proposed speaking directly to its best salespeople instead. Our interview methodology uncovered effective stories behind each fund. We created the stories and a key sales tool, the fund story—a crucial missing link in their marketing mix.

The result: firmwide adoption of our stories across the firm's online and offline marketing. 


Finding the aha

To learn what advisors really care about, we interviewed the firm's top salespeople—over 20 product specialists. 

Keeping it simple

As audience advocates, we stressed message clarity and simplicity.

True to the brand

Our design and infographics leveraged the strengths of the firm's brand guidelines. 

Adding more value

We provided regular updates and on-site design consultation on the firm's automated platform.